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19 Interesting Facts About INTJ Mastermind Bobby Fischer

By on November 8, 2016
  1. Bobby Fischer held IQ of 180+ but was considered by many to be almost an idiot savant. (source)
  2. Bobby didn’t think he was chess genius – he said that he was a genius who just happens to play chess. (source)
  3. He had a photographic memory and was able to remember chess positions months and years after chess games. (source)
  4. Fischer’s introverted intuition worked quite fast – he was able to calculate 4 chess moves ahead in just 1 second. (source)
  5. His sarcasm level was 99+ level.
  6. Bobby Fischer started played chess in his early childhood and got obsessed with it. He played while eating, he played in the bath and missed school to study or play chess. (source)
  7. He even learned Russian just to study Soviet chess literature. (source)
  8. Fischer became a chess master at 13, and the same year he defeated Donald Byrne, one of America’s strongest players, with such magnificent precision that it became known as the “game of the century”. (source)
  9. Being just 14 years old, Bobby Fischer became the youngest-ever US champion. (source)
  10. In his teenage years, Bobby Fischer was coached by Jack Collins, who gave him free tuition. After Fischer’s succes, Collins became quite popular amongst chess coaches. Fischer hated Collins for the rest of his life, because he made financial gains from using Fischer’s name.(source)
    JWC Lombardy Fischer

    By Collinskids1912 at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  11. At his prime time, Bobby reached highest ever ELO rating of 2785 and held official No. 1  chess players ranking for straight 54 months.
  12. At mid 60-s, Bobby started protesting against, as he stated, Soviet players collusion and temporary paused his professional chess career. Soviet players couldn’t defeat Bobby Fischer and started to play just for draw, so other Soviet players could outrun him by tournament points. (source)
  13. In 1972, Fischer won match against Boris Spassky and became 11th World Chess Champion.
  14. In 1975, Fischer was supposed to defend his World Championship title from challenger Anatoli Karpov. He then sent 179 requirements that differed from usual tournament rules to FIDE, which was unable to satisfy them and duel never happened. Fischer was stripped of his title and didn’t play a game of competitive chess for 20 years.
  15. In 1981, he was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery, but was released on $1000 bail. (source)
  16. In 1992, Fischer was warned by the U.S Department of the Treasury against playing a match in Yugoslovia, but still proceed to play Spassky for a rematch. That was U.S. policy violation and U.S Federal official initiated a warrant for his arrest. (source)
  17. After that match, Bobby has never returned back to U.S. He even escaped deportation when he was granted asylum in Iceland. (source)
  18. Bobby Fischer’s FBI file is 900 pages long. (source)
  19. In 2008 Fischer died from renal failure. It is believed that his death is a consequence of his mistrust for doctors and refusal for medical treatment.