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INTJ Depression: Rational Mind Versus Irrational Thoughts

By on May 29, 2016

Emptiness inside… Depressed mood became your average and normal in everyday life… Nostalgia about old good days… Those thoughts, why activities which were so fun and pleasurable in the past don‘t feel the same anymore… Black bags under your eyes from terrible sleep and tiredness… You probably know all those feels, my dear INTJs… And they are probably a mystery to you in a way, that you can handle all other feelings and emotions… But INTJ depression is somehow stronger… And bigger… And it‘s buried deep inside, where your logical and rational mind is not able to reach it and solve it…

What are the main INTJ depression causes?

INTJs see more bad things than other people. They see things from different perspectives at the same time and that means that every bad thing is seen multiple times. And that‘s not helping to achieve a piece of mind at all…

INTJs (especially turbulent INTJ) are perfectionists, but the World is far away from being perfect place to live in.  INTJs naturally see things how they truly are. Imperfection annoys INTJ as hell, so they might try to improve themselves and their surroundings to the level which overwhelms their own capabilities.

INTJs are the ones, who perfectly notice their own weaknesses and they might get obsessed about eliminating them. 24/7 thinking about how imperfect you are could really cause sadness, tiring thoughts about your own existence which sometimes seems not worth living for… 

Most INTJ also suffer from others lack of understanding. Sometimes society can‘t really understand brilliant INTJ ideas, although they might seem very logical and rational to an INTJ. That makes hard time for an INTJ trying to fit into field where society dictates their own moral standards and other popular trends which sometimes don’t have reasonable basis compared to innovative, productive ideas which INTJ loves to present. For that reason INTJ might feel alone in a fight with the whole world.

Perfect future scenario planning skills also don‘t come without price. INTJs usually live inside their heads, where they usually project future ideas and create various visions where ideas are often manipulated with different theories. Therefore, INTJ forgets sometimes to stop themselves at that stage and just simply enjoy the present time. Sometimes they might catch them into that situation, but mostly they won’t stop that process because imaginary world becomes more attractive and forecasting than the outside world around them. Also, sometimes imaginary world might seem like a shelter, where INTJs can simply hide themselves and feel at least more accepted – even if only for themselves.

INTJs usually feel guilty about not doing enough to achieve their goals. And in most cases it‘s true, because future scenario planning takes several times more time than direct work towards their goals.

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How does depressed INTJ act?

Unhappiness makes INTJs start questioning their existential purpose. It starts to seem that there is no point in everything they do. They become really ineffective at their daily tasks and discouraged to do anything to improve themselves. An INTJs can’t work on anything where he doesn’t see positive future possibilities so they might stuck into the level where stagnation takes over. 

Next step is sinking in behaviors that were pleasurable in the past, for example: surfing internet, watching movies, drinking alcohol or even worse – try on some drugs. However, these activities don’t give an INTJs any pleasure anymore, but slowly kill their daily time. Such behavior also lead INTJs to criticize themselves for wasting time and feeling guilty. Therefore it only worsen the situation.

It’s easiest for an INTJ to fight suffering spending time alone, but in some cases they can’t have enough alone time and must be around other people like shopping, going to work and other activities where mass of people usually takes place. Suffering from depression INTJs sometimes appear as real jerks, cynics and so on. Criticizing everything and everyone comes to an action. Sarcasm and pessimism also becomes uncontrollable without any bounds and starts damaging every reachable surrounding in their way and worsening relationships with their beloved ones, family members and co-workers.

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Do INTJs seek any help when depressed?

INTJs most likely won‘t seek any help and try to deal with depression themselves. It might be near to impossible to convince them to call on any kind of help, especially on professional one. You ask why?

First thing is that depression looks like just another problem which needs to be solved. And INTJs are hell of a good problem solvers. Finding problem solution is so enjoyable experience and INTJ just don‘t want to share this joy with others. 

Second reason is caused by a mix of arrogance/ pride and independence. INTJs think that every problem has a solution and they can find it without any other people help. Seeking help might look that INTJ got beaten by his problem.

INTJs also believe that they can understand their own personality better than others. It‘s in INTJ nature to deeply analyze their inner world. Most people can‘t look at themselves from 3rd person perspective and analyze their actions or thoughts. However, mastermind INTJ can make that with ease and do it almost objectively simply by creating thinking scenario in their head which starts analyzing their own thoughts. It‘s usually insane how deep INTJ could have analyzed themselves in those years, but going deeper and deeper inside at the same time raises more and harder questions.

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Practical tips to fighting INTJ depression

  1. Do self-analysis. As an INTJ, you have the power to be your own psychologist, because you are able to look at yourself from different perspectives and analyze your own thoughts. Try to analyze what things makes you unhappy and how could you fix them. But don’t panic if you can’t beat depression with your logics. Depression is in your unconsciousness and it’s not that easy to reach it with your conscious thoughts.
  2. Positive thinking. I’m not saying to go outside and enjoy sunlight or something like that… But there are a lot of areas where you can make improvements. For example, as an INTJ, you often analyze your fails and unsuccessful life episodes. Analyzing past events and learning from mistakes is great, but you probably often cross the line and start feeling guilt about that event. You should only focus on details and don’t feel guilty how that event unfolded. Always remember that there are no ideal people in the whole world and you are not an exception.
  3. Focus on your strengths. You should focus on your strengths and start building everything else on them. A lot of INTJs focus on improving their weaknesses but that won’t give you any good results. By improving your weaknesses you would only achieve what everyone else already have and that looks like terrible goal. Also, improving your weaknesses will probably never end. As an INTJ, you have skills which rare person has, so focus on what to do with them.
  4. Set goal and take actions. Every INTJ constantly make plans and it might never end. Stop procrastinating and start taking real action towards your goals. INTJs get really obsessed with improving something and when they take real action, depression is usually pushed into second plan and seems forgotten.
  5. Reduce alcohol usage. In some cases, INTJs increase alcohol consumption to temporary run away from their problems. It’s totally fine to socially drink time to time and relax your brains. However, abusing alcohol too much will most likely lead to deeper depression.
  6. Get enough sleep. INTJs are the night crawlers… Sleepy at day, fully awake at night… Seems ironical that the world is created for “larks” which can more easily adapt themselves into a daily life activity. Despite that, I really know how hard it is to fix your sleeping schedule, but imbalanced sleep regime truly damages nervous system.
  7. Exercise. Of course, exercising your brains is your main priority, but you also need to train your body. Regular exercises reduces overall stress and helps you fall asleep much faster. Also exercising brushes away bad feelings, tiring thoughts and other troubling things which usually disturbs staying active and positive all day long.
  8. Reduce caffeine intake. Too much caffeine may cause high anxiety levels and make you feel helpless and powerless.
  9. Try online courses. Online courses will provide guidance for you and will not require any social interaction, which might be too overwhelming for you. We recommend CBT for depression, because it won’t only teach you how to deal with depression, but will rather focus on how to be your own therapist.

    CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks
  10. Try additional resources. 
  11. Seek professional help. Always remember, that you don’t need to fight alone. If it starts to seem that depression is getting out of control, seeking professional help is a must.

How often do you feel depressed? How do cope with it? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts about INTJ depression in the comments section below.

Misanthropic INTJ Vegan’s video on INTJ depression:

  • Ian Thompson

    If this doesn’t hit dead on… mostly I just have such big goals and plans, I’ve thought about them so much they seem so obtainable.. yet so far… this gets me down big time. I’ve learned through help of my motorcycle to just take in life, between my bike and photography I seem to be living life more than I ever have… it’s all about the little things…

  • I’m an INTJ who lives with bipolar disorder….talk about tough. Sometimes, I can’t tell what the hell is wrong with me. Am I depressed? Anxious? Attention deficit? Lack of ability to focus? Overstimulated? What? Any other BP INTJs out there???

    • Jack Laidlaw

      Yes well I have bipolar NOS, (NOS=Not full on Bipolar but get a lot of symptoms), I also have Generalised anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive disorder and of course I am an INTJ.

  • YeahRight

    This is beyond accurate. I couldn’t have expressed it better myself. Now, to get those around me to comprehend it.

  • ♚ Sonozaki Noriko ♚

    I am procrastinating right now. *Virtual tears*

  • maurox89

    What if my problem is inability to connect with others? Being crap at social interactions is one of our banners after all, and me for example, I am not only an introvert in a world dominated by extroverts, but also a conservative in a world dominated by liberals. Using a certain word or two can instantly make you a nutjob, no matter how well constructed your argument is and even trying to question certain ideas is causing you to be ostracised even further by virtually everyone in your environment. So you shut up more and more, only to end up terribly out of shape when it comes to verbal arguments, which raises your anxiety even further.

    Then you start to question the meaning of pretty much anything in life, and you just keep thinking that if everyone really wants to commit mass suicide, you should just let them, because apparently trying to be reasonable and understand the other side’s argument for five damn minutes to find some compromise is too much of an effort for them.

    • Why do you want to connect with people who don’t understand you and not even going to try? My advice here would be to shift your focus from trying to connect with people to finding people with similar interests and ideas. You just can’t pick up some random and guy and make him understand your ideas. Believe me, I tried and failed.

      I also understand that you want to be yourself and don’t want to wear any social masks. However, that might cause too much trouble. Remember that you’re INTJ – you didn’t develop social skills naturally, however, you can study it and learn it (believe me, I even google such things as how to smile, how to compliment people, what to say when your friend’s dog die and so on until I made enough social patterns and upgraded myself). I did also read many articles on how to make smalltalk, how to dress, learned some body language and so on. And It feels pretty normal – it’s not like I’m wearing social masks and not being myself. It’s just if you learn how to act around different people, you become much more effective in what you do.

      Also, just simply consider not to challenge people on their ideas. INTJs love discussions, but many others just put themselves into defense mode and their emotions get out of control. Choose right people and choose right time. Once again, you need to search for people who could be your discussion partners and then you’ll automatically connect with them.

Mindaugas Jaceris
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