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INTJ Gifts Guide: How To Make An Unforgettable Surprise

By on October 21, 2016

Does it seem that you can never surprise your fellow INTJ with a gift? Do you try to surprise INTJ and make him happy, but only receive polite “thanks” and no actual reaction? Do you always struggle to come up with INTJ gift ideas? Let me help you by sharing my personal story and practical solution I came up with.

1. My gift giving story

1.1 Prehistory

Me and my girlfriend, who is also an INTJ, moved into serious long-term relationship and since we love to plan everything, we started discussing which holidays we will celebrate together. My girlfriend asked if I want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day and I was like 50/50 on this one – as a day it’s just some kind of mass gifts buying psychosis, which makes shopping malls super happy. On the other hand, I saw in my GF’s eyes that she really wanted it and was okey with it.

It was early January and I started to generate gift ideas. Let me mention that I usually hate buying or receiving gifts. However, this time I took it as a challenge – I just didn’t want to be banal like everyone else and had to think of something…

1.2 Status: Analyzing… Please wait

My first step was to brainstorm everything what I know about her. It randomly crossed my mind that one of her favorite teenage year book was the famous Da Vinci Code.

Hmm… a code! That looks like something I could work on. My introverted intuition worked quite quickly on this one and my mission was simple – she will need to solve some kind of code to get her Valentine’s gift. However, I will still need to buy something, but it’s not important anymore – my gift power will lie in gift package and not in gift itself!

1.3 My solution

For this to work, we will need a couple of simple items: a code lock and a simple gift bag. You can just simply wrap lock on bag handles and it will work just fine.

If your code lock has 3 digits, then you’ll have to create 3 tasks – one for each digit. This kind of gift may require some time to open, so don’t put alcohol bottle in the bag – you don’t want it to get stuck and can drink it while solving tasks. Your INTJ might have trouble somewhere, so try to give subtle hints, but don’t make it too easy.

Also, you can make additional welcome card saying “WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS (or any other holiday) CODE” and provide basic rules of the game.

Now I will provide you with task examples just to get an idea.

1.3.1 TASK 1

intj gifts task 1First task is Fibonacci sequence and every INTJ should be already aware of it or can solve it easily. Every number in sequence is equal to addition of 2 previous numbers; 0+1 =1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5 and so on. We get 36 as an answer, however we need only 1 digit, not 2. Link to Youtube is to a song named “2 become 1”. So how do we make 1 digit from 2 digits? Well, if we read text clue, it should be obvious that we need to add 2 digits together to get the right answer – 9.

1.3.2 TASK 2

intj gifts task 2The key to solving this one is converting all numbers into verbal expression.

one – three;
two – three;
three – five;
four – four;
five – four;
six – three;
seven – five;
eight – five;
nine – ?;
zero – four.

Second number is how many letters is in a first one :). The answer is 4.

1.3.3 TASK 3

intj task 3

This one is an acrostic. Just take first letters in a row and you’ll get five.

You can get very creative on these tasks and only the sky is your limit. I truly believe that your INTJ will really appreciate this gift. There aren’t many people who would understand such gift giving process, but INTJ will have great amusement and value it for your effort and for your gift being so personal and special.

2. INTJ gift suggestions

  1. Always go with something practical. If your INTJ mentioned some item or made his gift list – then it’s an easy game for you. If not, continue reading suggestions.
  2. A good INTJ book is probably one of the best INTJ gifts solutions.
  3.  You can never go wrong with Amazon gift card.
  4. INTJ related items.
  5. What about a cool looking book reading lamp?
  6. Sticky page markers are always useful.
  7. Something sarcastic will also work just fine. Just like this sketchbook:
  8. Or this coffee mug:
  9. Maybe a set of headphones to help INTJ avoid small talk in public?
  10. A great coffeemaker to help INTJ stay awake at night or day while planning world domination schemas.