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10 Unmistakable Signs That INTJ Loves You

By on November 6, 2016

INTJs have hard time expressing feelings in words to their partners. They rather choose to use different strategies to do that. So, what are these small things INTJs in love do to reveal it?

1. INTJs communicate directly

The simplest thing you can do to know if an INTJ loves you is just simply ask. INTJs mean what they say, and they say what they mean. Passive – aggressive type of feeling games are not interesting for INTJs and they can simply answer with Yes or No. You should be also aware that INTJs usually have hard times understanding their feelings and might need some alone time to process everything. In this case, nagging for your wanted answer will simply scare away and make him to withdraw from you.

2. You are in INTJ’s future plans

INTJs are long-term thinkers and planners, who love to visualize their future. If they casually mention you in their future vision, you can be pretty sure that INTJ is not going anywhere without you.

3. They give you highly sensitive gifts or compliments

INTJ gifts and compliments are rare, but usually highly creative and only directed for you. Since INTJs have difficult time while expressing their feelings in words, they don’t mind spending quite a bit of time to plan something special. INTJs also notice what you need, opposed to what you like, so sometimes gifts will be more practical and not very romantic.

4. INTJ initiates physical contact with you

Many INTJs have social anxiety or generally just don’t like physical contact with other human beings. If they let you touch or hug them – they really like you and feel comfortable with you. If they initiate physical contact with you themselves – they love you a lot!

5. INTJs are extremely loyal

INTJ is very careful when entering new relationships, but when (s)he finds a person who is worth of their precious time, INTJ won’t hold an idea of cheating on h(is/er) partner. Once INTJ is into a serious relationship, (s)he will be fully open or just simply leave the relationship.

6. INTJ cares about your issues

If INTJ loves you, (s)he will care about your issues.  (S)he will be good listener even if your issues looks silly to INTJ. Of course, INTJ will try to give some advice, but it will be your decision to accept it or not. If your issue looks serious enough, INTJ will not even try to make any sarcastic remarks about it.

7. INTJ tries to improve your environment

INTJ might try to show you love by doing small things and favors for you. I don’t think there are any other cases, despite being in love, where INTJ would do things (s)he don’t want to do. It can be pretty much anything – from doing extra housework to optimizing your GPS route to work.

8. INTJ chooses time with you over his alone time

INTJs love doing things on their own and not everybody have enough power to separate INTJ apart from h(is/er) project or interesting INTJ book. If INTJ loves you, (s)he will always find time for you, no matter what. But you shouldn’t abuse it too much either – if you try to get all h(is/er) time only for yourself, INTJ will feel guilty for wasting all h(is/er) time for feelings stuff and might even start reevaluating current relationship status.

9. INTJ will educate himself on you

At some stages you might start to feel that your INTJ partner knows you better than you do. It’s completely normal. That means that INTJ analyzes you and uses h(is/er) brain memory space to store facts about you. INTJs don’t remember anything that they feel is unimportant.

10. INTJ helps you achieve your goals

After educating h(imself/erself) on you, INTJ will understand what you want in life and will push you forward. INTJs are high achieving perfectionists and being in a relationship means that they can’t leave you behind.

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INTJ love signs infographic

  • Yukiya

    Not being able to remember anything we feel unimportant… You’ve just described my brain’s memory space.

  • Chris Joyner

    Urg I messed up I got to know someone that I never expected and I basically killed any chance I had by giving into my anxiety.
    I literally could see a future in the instant my intuition has never ever functioned that fast.
    I kinda went half functional in my surprise and only made things worse with a post on FB that had nothing to do with them.
    The feelings I’m getting from this and the self analysis are tearing me apart I can barely express myself at this point.
    With my career I can’t seek conventional help else be declared unfit to work.
    I would treasure any advice I can get on this.i have a very hard time asking for help but I’m desperate to pull myself out of this hell I’ve put myself in.