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INTJ relationships and dating

INTJ relationships and dating

10 Unmistakable Signs That INTJ Loves You

By on November 6, 2016

INTJs have hard time expressing feelings in words to their partners. They rather choose to use different strategies to do that. So, what are these small things INTJs in love…

INTJ relationships and dating

INTJ Gifts Guide: How To Make An Unforgettable Surprise

By on October 21, 2016

Does it seem that you can never surprise your fellow INTJ with a gift? Do you try to surprise INTJ and make him happy, but only receive polite “thanks”…

INTJ relationships and dating

The Answers Why INTJs Need Alone Time

By on September 19, 2016

-I don’t feel well, I need some alone time.
-What alone time? Can I help you?
-I just need some quiet time and to rest in silence.
-What can I actually do…

INTJ relationships and dating

Top 10 Qualities INTJ Men Look For In Women

By on August 22, 2016

It is important to note that the list below is based on opinion, and may vary from one INTJ to another. In addition, the list is intended for male…

INTJ relationships and dating

INTJ Relationships Guide

By on June 16, 2016

Today we are going to sharpen our general knowledge on one of the man’s greatest mysteries – INTJ relationships. Are there any two words so paradoxical when printed together?…