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INTJ vs INTP Personality Type Differences

By on December 7, 2016

1. INTJ vs INTP reasons behind learning

INTJs visualize future and are results-oriented people. They love learning many different things and are often called jacks of all trades. However, learning for them is just a tool to reach future goals and nothing more. INTJs don’t  like to learn anything that don’t have some practical use.

On the other hand, INTPs love learning just for the sake of learning and don’t need any practical reasons for it. They just like to work on strange ideas and theories and see where it goes.

2. INTJ vs INTP leadership

Both, INTJs and INTPs, don’t like directly taking up leadership. However, INTJs always do small things that are invisible by other people that let them control their environment and keep track of everything. By doing so, they guarantee that everything goes according to the plan. INTJs are actually natural born leaders, but they hate attention and just prefer to stay in the shadow. However, if something goes wrong, INTJs will be always ready to step in and fix things up  with already generated back up plans.

INTPs will only take up leadership if they are forced to do so. They prefer adjusting strategy and will usually leave leadership roles for others.

3. INTJ vs INTP idea generation

The main question that INTJs ask themselves when generating ideas is “will this idea work?”. They spend most of their time interlinking and connecting different ideas together and deconstructing them into very small pieces. INTPs take more philosophical approach and spend most of their time processing thoughts. While INTJs usually have a couple of well thought ideas, INTPs usually have many of them that are much less analyzed. That’s why INTJs feel much more comfortable when their ideas get challenged by others. INTJs are the hardest type to beat in debates, where they are certain they know the truth. INTPs are the hardest type to beat in theoretical debates that involve uncertainty.

4. INTJ vs INTP problem solving and decision making

If INTJ has limited time to solve a problem, (s)he evaluates his knowledge on the subject and experience and takes the most effective solution at that time. Even if INTJ knows that (s)he lacks some knowledge, INTJ still makes a decision that has best chance to succeed.

If INTP has limited time to solve a problem, (s)he always considers that there exists additional informational that (s)he doesn’t know and usually has trouble choosing one solution out of many that (s)he thinks of.

If INTJ and INTP would have unlimited time frame to provide problem solution, then INTP might win this game. INTJ would examine existing theories and provide the best existing practical solution, but INTP might even develop new theories.

5. INTJ vs INTP knowledge base

INTJ knowledge base is well-developed but narrow. INTJ personality type is very competitive and if INTJ decides to learn something, h(is/er) goal is to become better than anybody else in that field.

INTP knowledge base is much larger, but shallow. They know something about many different things, but always never become a master at one field.

6. INTJ vs INTP appearance

Both, INTJs and INTPs don’t really care how they appear to other people and don’t follow new fashion trends. However, appearance is mostly used by the INTJs as a tool to acquire status. In INTPs case, they use appearance to express themselves.

7. INTJs and INTPs in workplace

INTJs plan everything ahead while INTPs keep their plans to a minimum. INTJs can’t relax until they get things done. INTPs work in burst of energy and are way more relaxed than INTJs. INTPs are much better at routine jobs while INTJs hate routine and have hard time lifting a finger if they don’t see a purpose behind the things they need to do. INTJs also need much more freedom in workplace and have hard time following orders from incompetent authority, while INTPs are able to adjust to it.

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