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Personality Hacker’s INTJ Starter Kit Review

By on April 5, 2017
Review of: INTJ Starter Kit
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On April 5, 2017
Last modified:August 11, 2017


I rate it 4 of 5, because nothing is perfect and there's always way for improvement. However, I can't argue that Personality Hacker did their homework on INTJs quite well. Some of their insights about INTJs can only be found out after long trial-and-error periods. After covering the whole material, I think it was worth purchasing it and if you're serious about truly understanding your personality, then you have my personal recommendation to check it out by yourself.

Are you tired of explaining to others how your INTJ mind works? Do you want to put your brilliant ideas into action but always get stuck at planning phase while never actually starting to implement your ideas into practice? Do you feel like it’s impossible to find a romantic partner because of your personality?

These are only a few of the most sensitive INTJ questions that Personality Hacker’s INTJ starter kit is offering to answer.

And because I started receiving questions from INTJvision readers about it, my curiosity took the lead and I decided to buy it myself and make a full review, so you’ll know what to expect.

1. What Is Personality Hacker’s INTJ Starter Kit?

Personality Hacker’s INTJ starter kit is an information product designed for INTJs, who are interested in their personal development. It consists of written materials, audio and video files and practical tasks for INTJ self-improvement.

As far as I know, there aren’t any alternatives for this product in the market. When I found out that I’m an INTJ and tried searching for INTJ personality growth articles or any other kind of such resources, the process was little frustrating. However, I’ve managed to find a solution which was a great relief to me. You may also stumble upon a few INTJ personal development articles, but in comparison of INTJ personality kit information depth, they are no match for it.

When I started learning more about INTJ personality type, I also had issues with the understanding of my cognitive functions. They were a bit boring and not that easy to comprehend at first, but I must say that INTJ starter kit solves the aforementioned problem as well; the Personality Hacker has developed a tool to explain the cognitive functions easier.

Likewise, I was really skeptical about the capabilities of other personality types’ of understanding the INTJ character type. However, Personality Hacker does its’ job quite well; not only they show how INTJs act, but they also provide an explanation of their actions.

2. What Does Personality Hacker’s INTJ Starter Kit Include?

This is how it looks like after you purchase an INTJ starter kit.

Personality Hacker customers control panel

INTJ starter kit includes:

  • 14-page full assessment on your personality type;
  • An illustrated “car model” video showing you how your personality works;
  • A pack of 2 “understand me” guides to give to lovers or co-workers;
  • A webinar designed to get you into action and get the most out of your personality;
  • INTJ personal growth series;
  • INTJ relationships series;
  • INTJ business series;
  • Bonus:
    A 2-hour webinar on Transcending Type: Developing A Healthy Relationship With Your Personality;

3. What are Personality Hacker’s INTJ Starter Kit Pros and Cons?

a) Easily explains cognitive functions using their own model;a) INTJ starter kit sounds like package for complete MBTI novices. However, this package has much more in depth information;
b) Provides real life examples on how cognitive functions work and gives tips on how to improve each of them;b) Relationship and business videos only cover a surface. If you'd want to develop these areas, you'd have to purchase further programs which are little bit pricey;
c) As far as I know, this is the only in-depth resource covering INTJ personality growth;
d) Not only explains what are INTJ and how they act, but also explains why they act so;
e) Explains how to develop healthy relationship with your personality and how not to be over-proud and narcissistic about your personality type;
f) Explains INTJ and ENTJ thinking differences by using group conversation method;
g) You can choose between audio/video and written resources - whichever fits you the best.

4. Q&A

4.1 How Much Does INTJ Starter Kit Cost?

The INTJ starter kit costs 67$. It is a quality product for the INTJs, who are serious about their personal growth and want to unleash their full potential. Considering how much content this package gives you, the price seems average.

4.2 Should I Buy It?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

You are the best decision maker, therefore you will decide by yourself to buy it or not. I was skeptical before purchasing the INTJ starter kit, but after going through all the content I was satisfied with what I’ve received.

4.3 What If I Don’t Like My INTJ Starter Kit?

You won’t lose anything. After buying the INTJ Starter Kit you will get 30 DAYS to decide if it’s the right product for you. If, for any reason you’re not content with your purchase, you can contact Personality Hacker and they’ll make sure you will get a full refund.

If you are already interested in INTJ starter kit, you can check it out by pressing the button below. However, I recommend you to read my review further, so you will understand better of what to expect from the INTJ starter kit.


5. Personality Hacker’s INTJ Starter Kit Materials review

5.1 [14 pages pdf file + audio version] INTJ Profile Description

I have to say that before purchasing Personality Hacker’s INTJ starter kit, I thought that the 14 pages profile description was the main part of their pack. Since I already know a lot about my INTJ personality type, at first I was a bit skeptical about the content it suggests.

However, it’s only a tip of an iceberg of what you’ll get, but let’s not jump to the other parts and just continue step-by-step.

First, I’d like to mention that you can select between written pdf file INTJ description and 30 minutes audio version.  That’s cool, because people like to receive information differently.

It all starts by explaining INTJ meaning – nothing new here.

Next, they introduce you to their personally created car model, which they use to explain easier the cognitive functions of the personality types.

I must say that when I started learning about my INTJ type, I had a hard time understanding cognitive functions – they were kind of difficult to learn and not that interesting at first.

Probably, I wasn’t alone stuck here because the Personality Hacker made its’ own car model which really simplifies the understanding of cognitive functions. Nice job! You won’t find this model anywhere else.

copyright – personalityhacker.com

Then they take your personality type (in this case INTJ) and put it in their car model and explain every INTJ cognitive function by giving real life examples. Personality Hacker also provides you with some tips on how you could further develop each of your functions. Therefore, if you struggle to understand cognitive functions, this car model might be just what you need.

If you ask me, how this INTJ personality profile description differs from the others on the internet, I’ll say that Personality Hacker doesn’t concentrate on how INTJs act, instead it explains why they act so and why they think so.

5.2 [Video – 17 minutes] The Car Model Overview

personality hacker car model overviewIt looks like earlier written description was only an intro.

This video will show you the basic structure of the system no matter what your personality is. It is designed to give you a framework for understanding your personality.

It’s important to take some time and completely understand the Personality Hacker’s car model because every further resource will be based on it.

5.3 [Webinar – 32 minutes] The Action Video About INTJ Personality Type

PH intj car model

This webinar is a follow-up to the previous video. Personality Hacker puts each of the INTJ cognitive functions into their car model and explains their role in your decision-making process.

This video also discusses INTJ strengths and weaknesses and provides overviews of some thinking loops you might get into, as well as it gives some practical tips on how you should act in certain situations, e.g.: what happens when you get stressed out, and what can you do to manage it.

5.4 [2 pdf files] “Understand Me” Guides To Give To Lovers/family members Or Coworkers

personality hacker car model overview

I must say that I wouldn’t use sheets of papers to explain myself to others. I know that you want others to understand you, but the harsh truth is that most people don’t really care how you think.  If you would give them a sheet of paper about yourself, you might look like a weirdo. However, as long as you choose people who seek to know you better, this might work out just fine.


5.5 [Video – 132 minutes] – Personality Growth: Effectiveness & Perspectives

personality growth bonus by personality hacker

This video is made using very interesting format; it’s a 3 people discussion between Personality Hacker’s co-author, INTJ and ENTJ. They discuss various topics and then compare ENTJ and INTJ thinking processes. ENTJ was chosen because his first cognitive function is extraverted thinking (effectiveness) and the second function is introverted intuition (perspectives), which is reversed first INTJ cognitive functions.

Personality Hacker’s theory is that the best personal growth strategy is to train second (co-pilot) function, so by using discussion method, they try to explain to INTJ and ENTJ how each of them thinks differently and how they can develop their second functions.

One of the biggest dreams every INTJ has is to be able to step into other peoples’ heads and understand how they think, therefore, the Personality Hacker tries to fulfill this dream.

If you’re interested, Personality Hacker has one program designed especially for intuitive personality types growth – Intuitive awakening. However, I haven’t tested it out yet.

5.6 [Video – 38 minutes] – Relationship Series: INTJ

intj relationship series bonus video by personality hacker

When I was listening to this video, I started feeling guilty for my excuses and strategies regarding relationships. The biggest pain was listening to INTJ dating part. I was nodding my head and feeling bad for what I was doing earlier in my life. It was like they knew my every little sin and mistake…

The only little disagreement I had was that I personally believe that INTJ + INTJ is the best kind of relationship you can expect to make as an INTJ.

If you’re really struggling with relationships and nothing seems to work, there are further Personality Hacker’s programs for it:

However, I haven’t tried them myself, so I can’t recommend them yet.

5.7 [Video – 24 minutes] – Business Series: INTJ

intj business series bonus video by personality hacker

This video talks about INTJ strengths and weaknesses regarding INTJs in business and career world. I personally faced almost every struggle mentioned in this video and had a hard time figuring out how to proceed next.

However, this is a shorter video and only covers INTJ business and career surface. This video is like an intro to larger program – Hardwired For Wealth: Unlocking Your Unique Business Genius. However, I haven’t tested it out yet and I don’t have an opinion about it.

5.8 Life Path –  Training (12 weeks)

There is one unwritten rule in the business world that answers really important question of how to keep your customers happy. And the answer is -over-deliver to them.

In this program, you’ll get new material every week for a total of 12 weeks. Its goal is to help you understand of how an INTJ is wired to every area of your life. 12-weeks of journal prompts take into account your cognitive functions and help you tailor a personal development strategy to yourself.

6. Bonuses

6.1 [Webinar – 114 minutes] Transcending Type: Developing A Healthy Relationship With Your Personality

personality hacker transcending type webinar

This webinar was created to discuss how to develop the best and most healthy relationship you can have with your personality type and avoid type patriotism.

Many INTJs I’ve seen become over-proud about being INTJ personality type. You know, stuff like “we are masterminds and all other types are inferior to us”. They kind of become dependent on their personality type and starts developing an unhealthy relationship with themselves. So this webinar is dedicated to putting everything into right places by explaining your inner-self and your personality type dependence.

P.s. Check out other Personality Hacker programs, promo codes, and bonuses!


I rate it 4 of 5, because nothing is perfect and there's always way for improvement. However, I can't argue that Personality Hacker did their homework on INTJs quite well. Some of their insights about INTJs can only be found out after long trial-and-error periods. After covering the whole material, I think it was worth purchasing it and if you're serious about truly understanding your personality, then you have my personal recommendation to check it out by yourself.
  • theOverthinker

    I bought this package earlier this year. I found its information entertaining and accurate. It also helped me to fix a couple of my odd behaviors and made me feel more confident about being myself.

    • Zaid Al-Khoir

      good, i want to buy it, maybe later.

  • Veritas

    I’ve never bought the package but have read most of what’s on the Personality Hacker website and viewed their podcasts…all of it excellent with insights into ALL personality types that I’ve never seen on another site (and I’ve done a LOT of MBTI research). All that said, I’m sure it’d be a great buy for those INTJs who feel they haven’t dug deeply enough into self understanding.