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Turbulent INTJ (intj-t) vs Assertive INTJ (intj-a)

By on September 9, 2016

In addition to usual 4 MBTI letters that state your personality type, 16personalities added 5th scale – identity. So, if you have done MBTI personality test at 16personalities.com, you might have noticed INTJ-T or INTJ-A in your results page, but never actually looked for explanation what does that last letter mean. Identity shows how confident you are in your choices, abilities and decisions and that translates into assertive or turbulent personality type.

1. Turbulent INTJ personality type (intj-t) traits

Turbulent (-T) INTJs are self-conscious and sensitive to stress. They always notice their own weaknesses and try to improve everything till perfection. However, nothing is always perfect and INTJs-T get stuck in some kind of never ending self-improvement loop, which is very exhausting and may lead to depression. On the other hand, always trying to improve often leads to superior results.  No matter how good turbulent INTJ will become, he will always worry about his performance in assignments and even simple daily situations. Even if no one notices his little mistakes that INTJ-t made, he will still eat himself from the inside for every imperfection. 

Turbulent INTJs also care more what others think of them. By over-analyzing social situations, they often find themselves judging for their actions and thinking what to do to look normal. That only leads to social awkward situations and starts developing social anxiety. An unhealthy obsession with perfection also makes communication with other people quite difficult.

2. Assertive INTJ personality type (intj-a) traits

Assertive (-A) INTJs are more resistant to stress, but they do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals. INTJs-A might seem more confident in themselves and more relaxed. They are happy with who they are and what they do and don’t seek approval from other people. This is also double-edged sword, because INTJ-a, while highly capable, may not push their boundaries when needed and can miss opportunities.

3. Which type is better?

Of course, no type is better than another and it purely depends on the situation. If INTJ ends up in work field (e.g.: IT) that is very competitive and always improving, he better be turbulent type. Otherwise, he will be punished for procrastination and simply pushed out of the job market.

On the other hand, if INTJ ends up in a field with highly stressful environment (e.g.: surgery), he better be assertive type, which is more cool-headed and have an ability to recover from his mistakes more quickly – what’s done is done.

4. In my humble opinion

Trying to divide INTJ personality (or any other type) further might not be correct and people will always be a mixture of both and being turbulent or assertive is more depended on psychological state or self-development stage of a person. INTJs are born perfectionists and love to improve themselves, but that doesn’t mean they do so just to impress others. INTJs also should learn to choose when to turn perfectionism on and off. Simply saying – the trick hides in finding the right balance between assertiveness and turbulence.

In my opinion, most INTJs are turbulent from nature. Turbulence can be reduced by changing your observations and thoughts  why are you stressed or unconfident? By taking things slowly, you should try to see the big picture and decide, if particular situation is really worth stressing about (usually it’s not). In addition, often putting yourself into really stressful environments (by your own choice) will make you more resistant to stress.

  • Massa

    I am an intj. I made few mistakes.i an suffering from depression and i feel like an intj anymore. Can someone help me

    • INTJ vision

      We could try, but we need to know details what happened. You could post here or use more private approach: http://www.intjvision.com/contacts/
      Also, we are not psychiatrists and cannot provide medical help. But we can try to give you good advice.

    • Deadfrog

      Yo massa. Thoroughly myers briggs tested on the federal level..was picked out and stuck into a test group for a month. SO yes I am a true INTJ almost extreme in a sense on the scale they had.

      As an INTJ… Depression is worse , due to our nature of being self critical already. You must get medical assistance if you feel that this depression hasn’t passed on its own. Depression happens to all, but extreme depression is a sign somethings a little broken.

      This isn’t going to repair over night either. Take the meds, do the coping skill tricks that a therapist gives you to try out, and most of all…

      You remember this part. You are fucking awesome Massa. Fuck everyone else and what they may do say act etc…. what matters is the truth and the truth is you are good bro.

      Do not dwell on negativity…. Do not punish yourself anymore… You are not a bad person..

      Just seek the medical help.

      Home help with Depression is: Work out..I mean work out hard. It’s a natural saratonin booster , anxiety reliever, and fills you with a better emotion after a hard work out. It helps a lot.

      Go get your help that you need man. See that Dr. Keep your head up and don’t beat yourself up no more. You do not deserve it.

  • Jade Baguhin

    I just recently discovered that I’m an INTJ, it’s kinda flattering to know that I’m like a unicorn but it’s lonely, overwhelming and Idk anymore. It’s like I’m a box of paradoxes, I always aim for perfection, I envy people who do things with ease the things that’s taking too long than I expected and it’s really depressing me, I can’t relate to girls around my age who likes chick flicks, romance, gossips…. they always think I’m serious all the time but I’m not.

    But nevertheless, I’m happy and proud to be rare. Thank you for this blog, little by little I’m gaining knowledge on how to deal and understand myself and the people around me.

    • casey sav

      I also recently found out that I am INTJ, I know your feeling, I even remember on my 20’s watching romantic movie and can’t stop laughing with the idea of romantic, and being so sarcastic about it, I watch it with bunch of my friends, and they think that I am strange, now I understand why.

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