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INTJ Death Stare Meaning

By on November 19, 2016

Does the situation when people ask you if you are somehow angry or why you look so serious sounds familiar and confusing? The most common reason of this is your INTJ death stare, an expression, which is mostly misinterpreted as a negative feeling and probably making others feel bit uncomfortable. It is because of an intense staring into certain direction or at the random spot on the wall or somewhere else. You could probably see the same face expression when you walk into a computer room and see everyone staring at the screen. That’s why others might be suspicious about it. Mostly, the death stare is not a mere intimidation tactic. It can be defined as a state of being and it can be seen as a unique way to express the highest point of consciousness.  It is much more than just a simple face expression.

1. INTJ death stare: I am thinking

INTJ death stare usually means that (s)he is thinking about something really deeply. Maybe it is a complex situation which INTJ is trying to solve or just a few theories which INTJ person is trying to combine together.

Thoughts in INTJ head turns into visual interpretation or graphical model and INTJs want to be sure they won’t miss any detail of it. This process isn’t simple for an INTJ, because it is hard to pick up the best idea out of all the others.  INTJs just sink inside their heads and get disconnected from the real world. This new idea exploration is the reason of their facial expression, which turns into really deadly glare.

Ideas flow in INTJs heads at any time, so their death stare can occur suddenly, leaving them without knowing that they look angry without any serious reason. Especially it happens in public or in a place, where their mind is free to create an entire circuit of brilliant ideas. For example, sometimes it is interesting to plunge into psychology while trying to guess what each person’s expressed body language means or try to guess relationship status between few random people or just simply calculate the distance between tree leaves and merge it to the universe circle and so on.

2. INTJ death stare: I am bored

The death stare can also appear when INTJ is really bored in a particular situation. It is an escape from boring event or conversation. Sometimes there is no need for an INTJ to run away from that kind of situations. In this case, INTJ may not only think about some ideas, but also simply fall into imagination, various interesting scenarios, in which they stick up to some situations and visualize its solution. They might seem detached, but they will mostly show some reaction when needed – like nod their head.

3. INTJ death stare: I am resistant

Death glare is also common as an INTJ way of showing some resistance. Sometimes it happens in a work place or serious meetings where INTJ won’t always face a friendly work environment. They will simply remain silent in order to avoid possible conflicts. INTJs will let the world burn and wait until someone asks their help. People will probably notice death stare after trying to confront an INTJ in an attempt to intimidate h(im/er) into doing something that others need. That face expression can also become really tough while keeping thoughts such as “shut the fuck up, I don’t care” inside their head. INTJs have some issues with an authority, so it can become really complicated when their stubborn nature is being damaged. In these particular situations INTJs will probably know that they are expressing a death stare and might really use it as a way of showing some resistance in uncomfortable situations just to protect themselves.

4. INTJ death stare: I am interested

INTJs also tend to look deep into someone’s eye, if they catch their interest. It just happens when conversation becomes really informative and fascinating, so INTJs might not control their face expression. Death stare is a way to show that an INTJ is interested in every word the other person is telling. Especially when INTJ don’t want to miss any details.

Death stare will also appear when INTJ gets into interesting discussion. But INTJ don’t want to kill a discussion partner, INTJ just tries to challenge him and see how strong opinion and arguments h(is/er) discussion partner really has.

5. INTJ death stare: I am angry

And of course, it is one of the ways INTJs express anger which happen really rarely, because INTJs prefer not to show their emotions at all. But when it happens, their death stare becomes really natural. If they genuinely can’t stand someone or simply want them to shut up, they’ll try to make their glare look like predators stare and make it very noticeable. There is nothing worse for an INTJ than facing stupidity, so they might not always be able to hide their emotional undertones on their face very well.

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  • Vojislav Ristivojevic

    Great article! My stares always get misinterpreted 😉

  • Deadfrog

    Resting “Go fuck yourself” face is what I got.

    Usually I do mean go fuck yourself to.

  • YeahRight


  • Anna

    I also face the “Why are you sad?” questions… The answer is always that “I’m thinking.” And if I also tell, what I’m thinking about, I get the funny stares… 😀

  • Junarie de Lumban

    I am a nurse and whenever I do this my patients either get scared or intimidated. It feels awkward that I have to explain the reason behind this innate expression. This blog site is so awesome!

    • Hope you’re doing better than dr. House!

  • Telly

    I have been called every name in the book because of my stoic stare.

  • bombs

    For years, I’ve been made to feel like there is something wrong with me. Thank you for all this information! It’s really helping to make me feel like it isn’t just me.

  • petrius_stew

    This face has landed me in the psychologist’s office as a kid many times. My parents were scared of my angry face.

    People still ask me if I’m okay when I’m thinking. “It’s just my face!” I usually say. My husband chimes in to say, “she’s thinking, let her be.”

    When idiots ask me to smile for them, I scowl harder, but that time its voluntary

  • Jesse Lane

    An old girlfriend would see me with the death stare (usually at the wall) and ask me if I was mad at her. I never was, it was always something else. But then I WOULD get pissed at her for seemingly not knowing me, even after a year. And since I was a bit under-developed, I would be angry as HELL at her for not knowing me like I knew her. It may not seem fair, but I think so. Because I put the time in to understand her, and she put forth little effort to try and understand me. I also didn’t know about personality types 4 years ago, so I just thought I was unique.

  • Eleanor Damaschke

    “What’s bothering you?”
    “Why do you think something’s bothering me?”
    “You went all quiet.”
    “I was thinking.”
    “What about?”
    *pause* “Nothing I’m willing to take the time to explain.”

  • Janice Fulkerson

    The “resting bitch face.” I hear it all the time.

  • luan

    It’s really annoying when they’re asking you why you’re angry. I hate this.

  • Katie Fowler Hawkins
  • Treesa Ann

    Bwah ha ha ha ha…. hysterically true!!
    I’m at work thinking hard during a conversation and the stare is so intense that people actually turn their head to see what it is that I’m looking at…!! They probably think I’m bonkers because I’m staring at nothing…I’m actually thinking!

  • Nerdburger358
  • Emily Calkins

    I’m finding that sometimes when I do this I get a headache, as if maybe the pressure from crinkling my eyebrows creates too much pressure.