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Our Reader J Shares Her Personal Story About Finding Out That She Is INTJ

By on April 1, 2017

When I happened to find out that I was an INTJ, I was first seeking answers to the reason why I was unable to explain my habits, comforts, and discomforts. I was becoming more and more aware of what I really disliked and liked. I was unable to differentiate between what was true to me and what was classically conditioned.  I needed to find myself. I believe this happened once I disconnected myself from others.

When I found out I was an INTJ, I was okay with the results. I knew I was introverted but was often unsure since I was naturally social.  But once I started researching for INTJ articles and videos, I began to realize just how rare the personality was.

I guess I always knew how rare I was, but I never thought I was the rarest as a female INTJ. I felt even more lonely, but at the same time, I felt free from my naturally oppressed mind. I knew there was nothing wrong with me, but as the minority, it was very easy to assume I was defective.

However, becoming aware of the fact that I will probably never be able to connect with other human beings on the deeper level that I would like, made me feel more comfortable with choosing not to connect with others. I know that relationships take time and effort, so, I am always surface scanning for any like-minded individuals I can connect with. However, I will simply dismiss those I know that only drain me, and I finally feel better by doing so. Without regret or guilt. Insecure extroverts are the ones I tend to avoid the most, and my circle of friends has shrunk drastically, but my happiness has increased exponentially. I am happier now. 🙂

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  • Tammy Nguyen

    I can relate to this so much – THANK YOU for sharing!